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Do u still use Landline Phone?? If not, Y Stuck using Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Do u still use Landline Phone?? If not, Y Stuck using Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by Whiz Kid

Versatile Handy Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the furniture of your house, office or even your car is definitely essential and of course a laborious task. It is very important to keep our surroundings clean and tidy. Without a set of helpful tools, this tedious job of cleaning beds, sofas, pet hair, small dust particles, carpets, your expensive upholstery, curtains or drapes, quilts, sheets etc., can seem quite impossible to tackle.

However, with iGRiD handheld vacuum cleaner you can manage your daily cleaning chores efficiently and conveniently. The versatile and competent rechargeable vacuum cleaner from iGRiD will change the way you think of cleaning. It will literally clean anywhere in your home.

Quiet Technology

The pro-cyclonic L shaped technology makes it a great tool for quick clean ups, spot cleaning even in difficult places in your home. The HEPA filters traps particles up to 0.3 microns and prevents these particles from leaving the exhaust flow. The best part of the iGRiD cordless vacuum cleaner is the quiet technology with low noise level (<64 dB) helps to clean in peace with less effort.

Move around and clean easily

Wave Goodbye to plug socket problems, short cylinders, cords which comes in your way and make your work more tedious. Grab iGRiD cordless vacuum cleaner and clean literally anywhere in your home with easy handling.


Inbuilt Lithium ion batteries of iGRiD handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner make it light and more comfortable to reach the tricky parts of your home. Ergonomic lightweight design with attachments helps to clean difficult places without achy arms.


No Dust Bag

iGRiD Handheld vacuum cleaner comes with no dust bag. The canister and filters can be removed easily and washed with water to keep the vacuum cleaner hygienic.

Prevent allergies due to dust and allergens

Provide you a clean environment keeping your bed, sofa, car, carpet, clean. iGRiD handheld vacuum cleaner prevent any allergies or asthma due to dust or allergens.

Cleans your car

We think our car is extension to our home. If you want your car to be clean always buy iGRiD cordless vacuum cleaner and keep your car clean forever.


Cordless vacuum cleaner is safer than corded and iGRiD handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is designed with portability and convenience in mind. This sleek lightweight vacuum cleaner can be stored and assembled quickly.

Would you like to experience the benefits of iGRiD cordless vacuum cleaner? Just visit us at igridstore.com and explore our deliverables today!