iGRiD Allrounder 24 Function Swiss Army Outdoor Folding Knife

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iGRiD Stainless Steel 24 Function Swiss Army Folding Knife Tool Kit


Whether it for outdoor activities trekking, being outdoors with your loved ones or even to perform small tasks around your home, iGRiD’s Allrounder is the Multipurpose tool for you. There’s no such thing as being unprepared with the iGRiD Allrounder. This pocket knife is designed to be robust. The ergonomic handle enables excellent grip and the reliable locking blade stays true, so you can always get the job done.

Like you its robust, rugged and ready for anything

It’s an all-rounder compact kit designed for your everyday needs!

Swiss Army Knife

This amazing Swiss Army Knife from iGRiD is perfect for all the occasions. The safety-lock design locks the blades in place when in use and must be manually unlocked to fold away, which provides a much safer user experience.

Packed with everything from large and small blade to scissors, a magnifying glass, and pliers, it is truly a toolbox that can fit into your pocket.This multi-tool is strong yet lightweight to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, assisting you in both outdoor and indoor projects.

Wherever you are, this compact iGRiD Swiss Army knife is ideal to be with you!

Sturdy & Durable

1. This pocket tool is crafted from the stainless steel to provide the maximum accuracy and work-life

2. The blades encased in polished ergonomic ABS scales that provides sleek durability with superior grip and comfort

3. The stainless-steel blades are tarnish-resistant, rust-resistant and easy to clean

Inbuilt compass

Wherever you are and wherever you end up during your endeavors, our inbuilt compass will guide you to your destination.

Compact & Portable

This knife is 85mm in size, which makes it compact and portable; so, slide it easily into your pocket or backpack and lighten your load.

Versatile Tool

Perfect for camping, hunting, survival, emergency, military, and DIY tasks, around the house or office.

Keep it with you at all times and stay ready for anything.

Care Tips

Follow below steps to increase the life of your Swiss Army knife:

1. Keep the knife dry

2. Oil the blades regularly

3. Sharpen the blades

4. Don’t place the knife in a dishwasher

5. Don’t use bleach, sandpaper and rust remover while cleaning


Brand Name iGRiD
Model iGRiD Allrounder
Color black AND STEEL
Item Dimensions 9 x 2 x 1 cm
Item Weight ‎200 grams
WARRANTY ONE Year Brand warranty from date of purchase.

Replacement with brand new product in case of any manufacturing defect