7 must have features in a Bluetooth Headphone

7 must have features in a Bluetooth Headphone

7 must have features in a Bluetooth Headphone

There is no denying to the fact that Bluetooth headphones come with the benefit of being wireless that allows you to take them anywhere without any difficulty. The key advantage of going wireless is of course less groping with cables & cords.

Always keep in mind when buying the just right Bluetooth headset that there is no “perfect” earpiece. Just similar to most electronic items, it’s a case of different experience for different people. The idea to choose the best over the ear headphones that meet your needs well is to first make out what actually you want. Here, in today’s blog post, we are going to talk about the 7 essential features you must look out for when investing in Bluetooth headphone. So, just keep on reading to get to know them:

1. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Industry experts recommend buying Active Noise Cancelling Headphones because this enhanced feature considerably trims down the unwanted external noise to facilitate you pay attention to what you are want to hear. And here the best thing about ANC headphones is that it is able to function with and without the audio cable. Furthermore, it helps you cut the noise when you are in traffic or workplace. Many people purchase it merely for the ANC feature and here iGRiD Hush Bluetooth headphone is one of those products that has ANC element. It’s a great Bluetooth headset and very much appreciated by its users.



2. Ease of Use

The Bluetooth headphone should be easy to use with easily accessible features and buttons. The earpads should be comfortable as you may end up putting on your device all day, all week.

3. Remarkable Sound Technology

You should aim at picking a headphone that features low latency and has advanced sound quality, and that can bear good fault tolerance. In addition to this, a headphone with 90dB is enough to provide a deep and strong sound in order to make your listening experience just fabulous. Music lovers should look for at least  40mm big dynamic speaker unit that will make you feel every beat, and will bring you  immersive music experience. A dynamic diaphragm and a triband balance adjustment will provide excellent sound quality.

4. Complete Button Controls

You might not be aware but the fact is that buttons on the ear pads endowed with an insightful control. Here, the complete button controls may take in: play/pause/answer/hang-up, new track/sound up, prior track/sound down, ANC, etc. Having an easy to use series of controls and buttons on the Bluetooth headphone will make it not only a better listening experience but also a convenient experience.

5. Great Battery Life

There is no question in that the battery life is always supposed to be good. If we talk about iGRiD Hush Bluetooth headphone, it provides at least 40-hour playtime on every full charge at Bluetooth mode. Also, there is no need to be bothered about the charging over and over when you are travelling to long distances.

6. Microphone & Bluetooth 

Choose the headphone that offers premium integrated microphone for hands-free calls that are suitable to exempt you from wires. In line with the experts, Bluetooth 4.1 assures fast and constant connection with your Bluetooth facilitated tools.

7. Compact and sturdy design

Choose a headphone which comes with a strong metal head beam structure and foldable earmuffs. The headphones should be portable and should allow you to carry and enjoy your music freely everywhere. Your Bluetooth headphone should allow you a wireless and wired listen at will.

Hope you would have liked this blog post and now you know which features to look for when buying a Bluetooth headset.