How to choose the Best Blood Pressure monitor for home use

How to choose the Best Blood Pressure monitor for home use

How to choose the Best Blood Pressure monitor for home use


What is Home blood pressure monitoring?

Home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) is a self-check method suggested by health experts worldwide for patients with high blood pressure. Using a Blood Pressure Monitor at home offers various advantages for patients. 
Selecting the best blood pressure monitor for home use involves considering accuracy, ease of use, and features like memory storage and cuff size compatibility.

LARGE COLOR DISPLAY : iGRiD Blood Pressure Monitor with specially designed large screen give you a stress free readings. Clear large display makes it easy and convenient for an advanced measurement experience.

ACCURATE MEASUREMENT : iGRiD IG1410 is armed with an unique ASP technology master core algorithm using smart chips for accurate measurement. First time right always. Pressure: ±0.4kPa/±3mmHg | Pulse: ±5% of reading.


 LARGE MEMORY CAPACITY : No more manual recording of your readings all the time! You can store 199 readings for two users, capturing all details.

 ADJUSTABLE LARGE CUFF: Specially designed adjustable arm Cuff for India. 42cm in length fits all.  


TWO WAYS TO POWER: Supports either micro-USB cable or AAA batteries, use the Blood Pressure Monitor on the go!


EASY TO USE: iGRiD BP monitor is  fully automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, with an automatic by micro air pump for inflation and automatic electronic control valve for deflation. Press one "Start" button to measure blood pressure and relax.

MEMORY STORAGE : iGRiD BP Machine supports accommodating upto 2 users, and recording upto 199 readings giving you detailed information that includes systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate, and measuring time.