iGRiD BAND Your fitness companion (IG 8203)

iGRiD BAND Your fitness companion (IG 8203)

iGRiD BAND Your fitness companion (IG 8203)

Working out to get healthy is a challenge for most people. An essential element of working out is to push yourself a little bit extra to maximize the benefit to achieve our fitness goals we need all the tools possible.

One such tool is a high quality Bluetooth earphone designed specifically for people who want to listen to music or motivational speeches or instructions loud and clear while working out.

The iGRiD Band wireless Bluetooth earphone is designed with dual dynamic driver technology that gives you a great sound experience. Music improves your exercise performance and iGRiD Band high end Bluetooth earphones for running and jogging will deliver you the sound that you need when you are in motion.

Pick out music that you enjoy that fits your exercise routine help you get more out of your exercise experience. 

Premium features of iGRiD band Bluetooth earphones with mic are:

Neckband design

iGRiD band neckband design is lightweight comes with excellent flexibility comfortably fits your neck. This flat cable does not tangle, and the flex-form neckband easily sits around your neck.

Magnetic Earphones

These earphones for music attract each other due to a high-powered inbuilt magnet, reducing the risk of dropping or falling when not in use. Magnetic anti-drop technology redefines a variety of sports patterns. The ear buds are designed with high-quality silicon with anti-slip technology.

Wireless Technology

iGRiD Band IG-8203 earphones comes with the advanced Bluetooth V4.2

The truly wireless technology can connect to your Bluetooth device 10 meters away from your phone. This advanced technology also enables iGRiD Band Bluetooth earphone to connect with your device easily and seamlessly

Easy access controls

Suitable keys at the control panel give an easy option to manage the volume, calls, and tracks without having to take your phone into your hands.


Dual dynamic driver

iGRiD band Bluetooth earphone comes with a  four core dual dynamic coil driver unit that gives you the best ever solid bass with high-quality music. Big driver deep the sound bass, small driver full the high frequency sound.

Once charged, the HD quality earphones are unstoppable. Enjoy best, smooth and mindful time listening to your favourite jam session.

Sweat and water resistant

The industry standard IPX4 makes this Bluetooth earphone Sweat proof. Hence allowing you to use it in wet and sweat conditions.

Noise Cancellation

iGRiD band delivers crystal clear sound with CVC noise cancellation and with HD microphone feel the immersive sound. This is an essential feature especially in gyms where the music might be loud or when you want to eliminate external sound to focus within

Universal compatibility

These are 100% compatible with all the latest phones, tablets, and Apple products. Seamlessly pairs with your smart devices and gadgets

Essential Performance Parameters

Talk time: Up to 8 hours

Music: Up to 7 hours

Stand by Time : Up to 300 hours

The Bluetooth earphones for running are not just ideal for exercising or working out in the gym; you can also carry them at your workplaces or while traveling because they can easily slip into your purses, backpacks handbags or luggage without taking up much space.

They are so space-friendly that you can even keep them in your pockets without adding extra weight to it.

These also make a great gifting option for those whom you love or to those who love listening to music. Whether you give it as a gift to others or yourself, they will never fail to offer you the HD quality music without troubling your eardrums. These are one of the best gifting options.

From youth to old age, all genres of users can use these earplugs easily.