iGRiD Portable Electric Battery Powered Digital Tyre Inflator with LED Light|IGTI04|

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  • Powerful electric air pump and portable size: The smallest portable electric air pump, ergonomic design and mini body make it easy to hold and comfort. iGRiD electric compressor has a built-in 4500 mAH lithium battery, maximum inflatable pressure is 150 psi / 10.3 bar, which allows your tyres to be inflated quickly.
  • Pre-set tyre pressure and automatic switch-off: Built with the pre set tyre pressure function. Once the pre set pressure is reached, the device will automatically turn off, which protects the item to be inflated from damage. After connecting to the tyre valve, the current tyre pressure is displayed, so you can always test if the tyre is leaking.
  • LCD digital screen and lighting function: the illuminated digital display of the tyre pump provides the device with ease of use and visual fullness. The digital display shows 4 different pressure units (Psi, Kpa, bar and kg/cm²). It is also a flashlight! Independent switch controls bright LED lights for optimal visibility in the dark to conveniently provide you with emergency lighting at night.
  • Multiple uses and 3 additional nozzles: this mini battery compressor comes with 3 different additional nozzles. It is suitable for inflating bicycles, motorcycles, balls, air cushions, cars, etc. Extended 25 cm inflatable hose makes it easier to inflate. Compact, flexible and portable, it combines practicality with beauty.
  • Safety Device: Keep it handy with you always for Men/WOMEN driving long routes/lonely routes/odd hours work times for emergency air filling in case of tyre deflation. Temporary power bank

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyre Inflator Quality is very good, but as a power bank having issue.

While using as Power bank it is going auto off after in 1 minute/60 second charging, I tried many time it is going off automatically. How to solve it? please give solution

Punya Patra
Nice and effective

Surprised by the capability of this little genie

Rubina Dalaik
Good Battery

This is something which i was searching for, nice product but i got 1 day late delivery.

Dhananjay Tiwari
Long Lasting

Using since 6 months and have referred many people for this product